Teaser of our first repertoire, Tango Hoy

Milonga para Luis, Bonus Track of CD Tango Hoy

Mi Refugio (J.C.Cobian-arr Leonardo Teruggi)

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Juanjo Mosalini and Leonardo Teruggi,

Following the tradition of reinterpretation of the classics of the repertoire, their arrangements are actual re-compositions, prisms where the echoes of the past become the sound matter of a reinvented present. As for their original compositions, they open into a new world where the concepts of rhythm, articulation, texture and form expand, for these artists use all their interpretative and writing resources to create their own musical imprint. The Mosalini Teruggi Cuarteto is a chamber music ensemble inventing a field of exchanges occupied and completed by Sebastien Surel and Romain Descharmes with their experience and sensibility. Four virtuosos; four unique personalities and a music that speaks about them.

  • Sébastien Surel

    A curious and insatiable artist, as well as a passionate and multi-faceted musician, Sébastien Surel is an instigator of cultural Read More
  • Juanjo Mosalini

    Hailing from the bandoneon tradition, JUANJO MOSALINI is today busy developing every facet of his instrument in ensembles that perpetuate Read More
  • Romain Descharmes

    Pianiste recherché en tant que chambriste pour son écoute, sa sensibilité et sa large connaissance du répertoire allant de la Read More
  • Leonardo Teruggi

    Double bass player, composer and arranger, his curiosity an versatility established himself as one one of the most sough after Read More
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