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The Mosalini Teruggi Cuarteto is a chamber music ensemble inventing a field of exchanges occupied and completed by Sebastien Surel and Romain Descharmes with their experience and sensibility. Four virtuosos; four unique personalities and a music that speaks about them.

Juanjo Mosalini, bandonéon, compositions, arrangements.

Hailing from the bandoneon tradition, JUANJO MOSALINI is today busy developing every facet of his instrument in ensembles that perpetuate Argentina’s greatest musical form.
Yet he is first and foremost a passionate interpreter of the seminal composers of the start of the twenty-first century. Whether in chamber groups or as a soloist in the world’s most prestigious orchestras, JUANJO MOSALINI makes the fueye speak with a musical vocabulary that is at once classical, modern and contemporary.
With a career that now runs to 20 years, JUANJO MOSALINI is one of the most prominent figures of the Argentine musical avant-garde in Europe.
In a duo with guitarist VICENTE BÖGEHOLZ, he explores the world of Argentine rhythms in current chamber music. As if that weren’t enough, with the collusion of jazz bassist OLIVIER SENS, he immerses himself in improvisation and the composition of electronic music.
It seems perfectly natural to him to give free rein to his personal creation in perfect harmony with the human voice, such as that of SILVANA DE LUIGI, with whom he has built up a repertoire for two in which each plays a major part. This kind of understanding permits him a remarkable freedom for solo bandoneon.
But it is on the world stage that this brilliant musician is the ambassador of his instrument, whether it’s in LUIS BACALOV’s Quartet, GERARDO JEREZ LE CAM’s ensemble or with TOMAS GUBITSCH.

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Sébastien Surel, violin

A curious and insatiable artist, as well as a passionate and multi-faceted musician, Sébastien Surel is an instigator of cultural connections: he attaches great importance to the creation of links between different music and cultures. His luminous and spirited playing, expressed through a broad repertoire, is unanimously applauded by peers and critics alike.
Born in 1975 into a family of musicians, he was accepted at the age of 15 to the Paris Conservatoire (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris), where he studied with Sylvie Gazeau and Christian Ivaldi. After obtaining two diplomas from the Conservatoire, he continued his studies with Shlomo Mintz, Pavel Vernikov, Georgy Sebök and the Ysayë Quartet. In addition to the violin, he studied harmony, orchestration and composition.
Before devoting himself entirely to solo and chamber music, he acquired valuable orchestral experience, as concertmaster of various groups and then as a permanent member of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France from 2000 to 2003.
In 2004, he founded the Talweg trio with the pianist Juliana Steinbach and the cellist Sébastien Walnier. This group, which he is extremely fond of, was to be a turning point in his musical life. Supported by Martha Argerich, the group was invited to many festivals in Europe and in Asia. Their first record, which included works of Tchaikovsky and Shostakovitch received a Diapason d'Or award from Diapason magazine. The complete recordings of the Johannes Brahms trios will appear in early 2014.

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Leonardo Teruggi, Doublebass, compositions, arrangements

Double bass player, composer and arranger, his curiosity an versatility established himself as one one of the most sough after double bass players in Europe.
Specialized in the avant-garde tango, he is playing since 2010 with the argentinian legendary bandoneonist Juan-José MOSALINI, accompanying him around the world in his three ensembles : the Cuarteto (with argentinian singer Sandra Rumolino), the contemporary Quinteto and the Grand Orchestre de Tango.
He also plays with two other legends of argentinian music : with pianist and composer Gustavo BEYTELMANN (recording the Hâfez et Goëthe project, Harmonia Mundi, 2013) and with guitarist and composer Tomas GUBITSCH.
Since 2006 he is the double bass player and arranger of the baroque early-fusion ensemble La Chimera, directed by Eduardo EGÜEZ, playing in the programs "Buenos Aires Madrigal", "Tonos y Tonadas", "Odisea Negra" (Naïve, 2011), « Misa de Indios » (La Musica, 2014) and "Piae Cantiones".
He also plays and arranges for the italian singer Lucilla Galeazzi in her new quintet program "Festa Italiana" (Helikonia, 2013).
He is since 2003 a member of L'Orchestre de Contrebasses, the famous double bass jazz sextet with whom he played in all Europe, Asia or the United States.

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